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Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
Women's Doubles Champions - 2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
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2nd Beach Tennis Coast Cup
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World Championships 2018
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European Championship 2012

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European Beach Tennis Championship Barcelona 2012 - Grade 1

dsc_0750_3Gemma Egea, Laura Herrero, Davide Aloisi, Nicholas Frontali, Catia Ghermandi and Giada Seganti are some of the winers of the European Beach Tennis Championhip Barcelona 2012

Sports, beach, competition, European, rackets, sand, nerves, tension.... This is BEACH TENNIS!

In the 2012 European Beach Tennis Championship have competed players from Italy, Greek, Finland, Catalalonia, Spain and many others across the European continent. The tournament took place at the Somorrostro Beach of Barcelona, from June 29 to July 1. The technical level of the participating players caught the attention of the public and organizers.

The first day, Friday, Davide Aloisi beat his doubles partner Nicholas Frontali in the final and completed a fantastic treble. In the women, Giada Seganti beat in the final her partner in the doubles, Catia Ghermandi.

The second day, Saturday, took place mixed doubles matches. Catia Ghermandi had won the title of champion in this category. This year with Davide Aloise, winning the final to Mercateli - Scarmin by a tight 9/7.

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The last day of the tournament on Sunday, the couple of the Catalan Federation formed by Gemma Egea Laura Herrero was proclaimed European champion in women's doubles, beating in the final the Italian couple formed by Catia Ghermandi and Giada Seganti for 9 - 5.

Besides the host winners, the highlight name of the tournament was the Italian Davide Aloisi. Davide was the winner of the three categories in which he has participated: double and mixed doubles and men's singles. In the men's doubles, his partner was Nicolas Front. With great authority they won every match, and in the final defeated Alex Mompó and Antonio Ridao, players from The Balearic Islands by 9-5.



The award ceremony was attended by Mr. Santi Siquier, sport delegate of the Catalan Govemment, Mr. Raimond Blasi, municipaly councilor of Barcelona, the municipaly advisors Mr. Pol Avignó, and Mr. Xavier Codony, the President of the IFBT Dott. Giandomenico Bellettini and Vice President IFBT for Europe and President of the Catalan Beach Tennis Association, Mr. Joan Egea.

From Friday to Sunday we have lived three days of fantastic beach tennis on the beach sand of Barcelona. The espectadors have enjoyed to watch some of the best beach tennis players in the continent in action. The Catalan Beach Tennis Association (ABTCat) has reached all expectations: good matches, good atmosphere, but above all, fair play. The beach tennis values and fair play has been highlighted in this competition , organized by the Catalan Beach Tennis Association.


2012 IFBT-European Championship Barcelona


Men's Open Doubles

1. Davide Aloise (IT)/Nicholas Frontali (IT)

2. Alex Mompó (ES)/Antonio Ridao (ES)

3. Andrea Mercantali (IT)/Raffaello Fabbri (IT)

    Tellarini (IT)/Casadio (IT)


Women's Open Doubles

1. Gemma Egea (CT)/Laura Herrero (CT)

2. Catia Ghermandi (IT)/Giada Seganti (IT)

3. Stefi Lange (CT)/Natalia Baez (CT)

    Liana Scarmin (IT)/Simona Longhi (IT)


Men's A Doubles

1. Alberto Florez (CT)/Dani Florez (CT)

2. Jordi Elias (CT)/Aleix Belis (CT)

3. Xavi Filella (CT)/Pol Filella (CT)

    Manel Mañé (CT)/Lluis Duran (CT)


Women's A Doubles

1. Tamara Masvidal (CT)/Maria Enguix (CT)

2. Stefa Carles (CT)/Maria Arufe (CT)


Mixed Doubles

1. Catia Ghermandi (IT)/Davide Aloisi (IT)

2. Liana Scarmin (IT)/Andrea Mercantali (IT)

3. Anastasia Gioldani (GR)/Mercantali (IT)

   Simona Longhi (IT)/Casadio (IT)


Men's Singles

1. Davide Aloisi (IT)

2. Nicholas Frontali (IT)

3. Andrea Mercantali (IT)

    Gerard Rodriguez (CT)


Women's Singles

1. Giada Seganti (IT)

2. Catia Ghermandi (IT)

3. Anastasia Gioldasi (GR)

    Aspasia Sotiriadou (GR)