Men's Doubles Champions - 2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
Women's Doubles Champions - 2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
2018 Sand Key World Cup Tour
Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
Senior Cup Rostock
Rostock, MV, Germany
European Championships
Muravera - Sardinia
2nd Beach Tennis Coast Cup
Warnemünde - Germany
2nd Beach Tennis Coast Cup
Warnemünde - Germany
World Championships 2018
Castelldefels - Catalonia (Spain) June 28th to July 1st
World Championships 2018
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IFBT Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico Ocean Park Championship - Grade 3


The tournament was won by the brothers Gilberto Rivera and Carlos Rivera, who defeated Gabriel Montilla and Pedro Ochoa 8-6 in the finals. It was a very tight match and the winners got their revenge since they took a defeat in the round robin preliminary round. It was a windy and sunny day, perfect for Beach Tennis.

In the ladies, the new couple of Sasha Verret and Elizabeth (Tuti) Andino beat Beatriz Rivera and Naydimar Rivera in a very tight match 9-8. The level was great and the crowd enjoyed the match very much as it had many turns as the winners were down 6-1. It was then that Sasha and Tuti started their incredible come from behind win!

In the mixed doubles, it was Carlos Rivera and Sasha Verret beating the couple of Gabriel Montilla and Beatriz rivera by the score of 8-5. The match was very entertaining as mixed always is.


foto2In singles competition, Gabriel Montilla proclaimed himself as champion by defeating Gilberto Rivera. Over 28 players played in the singles competition and had a lot of fun. They were tired, they were sliding, they were down, they were covered with sand but the fun never stopped. It was a long day but worth it.

In the A division, the brothers team of Hiram and Ramon Amado won over Alfredo X Mendez and Pancho. It was a very exiting match as it always is on the A Division.

In the ladies A division, champions Naida Barbosa and Lyann Agresar defeated Nadine Albelo and Cristina Cardona.

For the first time a Masters (over 40) category was held. By no means did that mean that the level of beach tennis was bad, completely the opposite, the masters showed that they are great show to watch. Backs hurt, shoulders hurt but they kept playing like pros and the level was great :) Melvin Tirado and Alejandro Ramirez came out as champions of the Masters Category. We know that this category is here to stay so watch out!

The awards ceremony was held by Pedro Ochoa, president of FTPPR. Medals were given to all champions and finalists.

The next tournament is scheduled to be held on August 18-19. Lets see if the champions can repeat or if somebody comes to take them down!


FTPPR G3 IFBT tournament results:

Mens Open:

1. Gilberto Rivera - Carlos Rivera

2. Pedro Ochoa - Gabriel Montilla

3. Alfredo Mendez - Miguel Hernandez

   Javier Mendez - Vladimir Helmut


Womens Open

1. Sasha Verret - Tuti Andino

2. Beatriz Rivera - Naydimar Rivera

3. Natalia Mazorra - Maite Mazorra

   Vanessa Beinquez - Alexandra Mercado


Mixed Open

1. Carlos Rivera - Sasha Verret

2. Gabriel Montilla - Beatriz Rivera

3. Pedro Ochoa - Naydimar Rivera

   Vladimir Helmut - Maite Mazorra



1. Gabriel Montilla

2. Gilberto Rivera

3. Pedro Ochoa

    Carlos Rivera


Mens A Category

1. Hiram Amado - Ramon Amado

2. Pancho Bonet - Alfredo X Mendez

3. Jorge Perez - Melvin Tirado

    Raul Villanueva - Marcos Mercado


Womens A Category

1. Lyann Agresar - Naida Barbosa

2. Nadine Albelo - Cristina Cardona


Mixed A Category

1. Lourdes Acosta - Ramon Amado

2. Miguel Hernandez - Naida Barbosa